Subscript is a nonprofit with a mission to enhance legal and political decision-making of all Americans.


We synthesize legal information and deliver it concisely to the public on our website. 


Our philosophy is in our name... 

Like Gestalt Psychology, we believe people understand concepts as whole forms, or big-picture representations. 

We simplify legal concepts by zooming out and taking a look at the big picture.

Subscripts are used in chemistry and in math to present information concisely.

Water molecule h20.png


A subscript states the number of atoms in a molecule. 


A subscript specifies a context for a variable.

time subscript line graph.png

Or a particular order in a sequence.

lunar sequence.jpg

At Subscript, we identify contexts and properties to convey the law concisely. 

We break up legal subjects by categories so we can display them in graphics.

See our Mapping Current Events Project

Displaying legal landscapes in the way the government was conceptualized.

See our Graphs Project

Get a legal topic in a picture.

In short, our founder studied mathematical logic before studying law, and our projects show it.


lawyer and social anthropologist

lawyer and social anthropologist

Mariam Morshedi
President and CEO

lawyer, scholar and professor

lawyer, scholar and professor

Daniel Clay

Board, Director of Academic Programs

software engineer

software engineer

Pasha Palangpour
Vice President

digital political strategist, professor, columnist and talk show host

digital political strategist, professor, columnist and talk show host

Alan Rosenblatt






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