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Mission and vision

Subscript is a nonprofit committed to enhancing the legal and political decision-making of Americans.

We envision an American public that can fully understand current events, can advocate politically, and can think legally.

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Problem and Solution

Recognizing the need for free legal resources was only half the battle. People have to want to read them.

Subscript came from the recognition that legal resources were not accessible to the public. However, just putting legal resources on the web does not make them accessible. Making legal resources truly accessible means, additionally:

  • Ability to navigate those resources.
  • Ability to comprehend and analyze them in context.
  • Willingness to read them.

Subscript’s publications connect with the American public’s renewed interest in politics. We publish one-page graphics on trending legal and political issues. Our graphics include links into our federal law database, which is aggregating in content week by week. Through easy-to-digest graphics with minimal text, we gradually introduce people to more complex layers of legal analysis.




Drawing on Gestalt psychology, we believe people understand concepts as whole forms, or big-picture representations.

Our founder studied mathematical logic (the philosophy of math) before going to law school. In logic, you learn where math comes from. The complex symbols used in calculus, for example, each came out of a proof based on geometry and set theory (principles of combining objects into sets). Math is basically a means of using symbols to convey increasingly more complex concepts.

At Subscript, we use symbols to convey information concisely, in the same way a subscript functions in math. We create logos and shorthand to refer to concepts, so that people can get an image without getting sidetracked by too much text or jargon.



lawyer and social anthropologist

lawyer and social anthropologist

Mariam Morshedi
President and CEO

lawyer, scholar and professor

lawyer, scholar and professor

Daniel Clay

Board, Director of Academic Programs

software engineer

software engineer

Pasha Palangpour
Vice President

digital political strategist, professor, columnist and talk show host

digital political strategist, professor, columnist and talk show host

Alan Rosenblatt


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