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Legislative Series

Cutting through the fog of legislative text.

Legislative text is not just boring. It's confusing.


Legislative code is just an outline with very "legal" wording. 

  • Titles
    • Subtitles
      • Sections

[Legal language here.]



Every provision in a legislative act has another Title and Section number.

Congress fits all new laws into the big “book” of federal laws: the United States Code.

The United States Code has a different set of numbering. 

For example... 

The provision of the Affordable Care Act that says children can stay on their parents' insurance plans until age 26 is both:

ACA title example.png

More Confusing...

New laws are sprinkled throughout the U.S. code.

A new act is not fit into the U.S. Code in one place. Rather, the sections are sprinkled throughout.

For example...

When the ACA was written, the U.S. Code already had a part relating to Public Health, so Congress put some pieces of it there. The U.S. Code already had a part relating to Medicaid, so Congress put the "Medicaid Expansion" there.

Some parts of the ACA were made into a completely new chapter of the U.S. Code, but that’s not the majority.

If you want to fully understand an act...

You will have to consider all the edits it made to many parts of the United States Code. And just for reference, the ACA’s easy-to-read version is 955 pages.


We are here to make it less boring and less confusing.

legislative acts we have broken down: