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Kavanaugh Series, Part I

How does the nature of administrative power relate to conservative and liberal differences on regulation?

July 23, 2018

President Trump's 2018 Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has made a number of decisions relating to agency power. That's because he sat on the appeals court in the D.C. Circuit, which is where a lot of challenges to federal agency action are filed.

Administrative law is a field of law very important and very confusing. We want to give you some background before we dive into Kavanaugh's voting tendencies on the issue. 

In Part I of our Kavanaugh Series, we give you a background on federal agency power. Since agencies first emerged in the 18th Century, their power has grown substantially. 

Agencies today get much more support from liberal-leaning individuals than the economically conservative, but both viewpoints are bound by the same legal structures.

When a judge reviews agency action, what are the guidelines for analysis? 


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