Year in Review: 2017

2017 was a big first year for Subscript. We are taking a look back at the legal news and reports we've covered. 

Here are our most read reports of the year.


The only full Supreme Court decision in the 2017 term (so far):

Hamer v. NHSC

The Supreme Court ruled Charmaine Hamer would not be prejudiced by a procedural rule.

The Supreme Court case that was never argued:

The Travel Ban Cases

Does Trump's "Travel Ban" executive order violate the Constitution or federal law?

Supreme Court Argument Explainers (decisions still to come!):

Gill v. Whitford

The Supreme Court may invoke the "political question" doctrine to avoid making a decision in case. Learn why a political gerrymander case might be outside the judiciary's province.

*This graphic was used in an NPR article on gerrymandering.

District of Columbia v. Wesby

Did the officers have probable cause to arrest the plaintiffs, who were partying in a house that turned out not to belong to the person who invited them?

*This graphic was given SCOTUSblog's link of the day.

Carpenter v. United States

Can the government get our cell phone location data without following procedures required by the 4th Amendment?

Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission

Is Colorado violating the First Amendment by requiring Masterpiece to make a wedding cake?

Concept Explainers (what you might have learned in law school): 

Standards of Review

How strictly will an appeals court judge a lower court decision?

Mens Rea

The Guilty Mind: See how murder categories (degrees) correspond to mental state.

Legal Landscapes:

Government Electronic Surveillance

How the government can spy on you.

Sanctuary Cities

Explaining the battle between the federal and local governments in the immigration context.

Graph: The Contraception Mandate as a Story (Graph and Two Legends)

Thank you for following. Stay tuned for an even greater 2018!