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Hi everyone!

If you are reading this, you are probably interested in gaining legal knowledge or in increasing access to it.  We started Subscript to be a resource for lawyers and non-lawyers alike.  For those of you interested in legal education (perhaps thinking about law school), we would love to teach you legal research skills in exchange to your contributing to our projects.  

When I graduated from law school, I still had much to learn about legal practice.  In Subscript's lessons for pre-lawyers and in our research projects, we are teaching the aspects of law that help a lawyer frame her mind.  In my first few years of practice, I became familiar with the different types of legal authority and legal hierarchy.  I learned court procedures and how to structure a legal case.  This knowledge will help someone get a head start on her legal education, which is why our pre-lawyer researchers are finding working with us so useful.  The benefit of our model does not stop there.  Our researchers will publish what they learn, from aspects of legal structure to important case studies, in easy-to-understand blogs and reports for the public.

We would love to bring you on board!  If you are an undergraduate student, contact us through our Get Involved page.  If you are a lawyer, we can always use extra reviewers or guest speakers for our seminar sessions.  Please email us at info@subscript.org.

Thank you for visiting our site!  We look forward to providing you interesting pieces about law and society.

Mariam Morshedi, President and CEO

Mariam Morshedi