Legal Landscape: Immigration Law

Our new administration is generous in giving the public many issues to think about, and immigration is one of the biggest.  Today federal judges in Hawaii and Maryland will be hearing the first sets of arguments against President Trump’s revised immigration order.  In case you want to do more than just skim news articles about the latest attacks on civil rights, Subscript is offering a deeper understanding of the legal background.

Subscript’s Week 2 Map gives context to the various legal rights involved in immigration law.  This is part of our new series presenting infographics to help you go from reading media articles to conducting more rigorous legal research.  The map sets out the different levels of laws relating to immigration, and it identifies the connections between them.  With Trump’s anti-immigration actions setting the context, this map will help you build on your own knowledge.

Click here to view the Immigration Law Map.  And here to learn more about our Mapping Current Events series.