Legal Landscape: Affordable Care Act in the Supreme Court

In the afterglow of health policy anti-climax, this is a good week to recall the first major battle of the Affordable Care Act: the 2012 Supreme Court case challenging it.  The potential for Congress to affect healthcare policy is fresh in our minds, and with the difficulties of that route highlighted, the imprint of the Supreme Court case is ever more vivid.  The Court in National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius weaved through the Constitution to justify an entirely new way to structure healthcare in this country.  And this way might be here to stay.  

Subscript delivers this landmark Supreme Court case in our infographic, which highlights beautifully the essence of the Supreme Court.  Throughout history, change is made through legislation (like the Affordable Care Act or the Civil Rights Act of 1965), but it is sealed by the Supreme Court.  See how our supreme authority on the Constitution carved a space for what could be the future of healthcare.  Find the infographic here.

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