Legal Landscape: Transgender Rights

We are launching Week 1 of our Mapping Current Events series with a topic that concerns the fundamental rights of many Americans - transgender rights.  The Trump administration has managed thus far to impact negatively the lives of many Americans, and our LGBTQ compatriots are facing insult to their most inward thoughts and expressions (namely their personhood) as well as suffering from unfair treatment.  

Obama had issued some guidance to protect the rights of transgender people, both in requiring fair treatment in employment with the federal government, and in how transgender identity must be protected in schools.  But President Trump already has revoked the protections in schools.  A high school student who had been facing unfair treatment was on the way to arguing his case before the Supreme Court, but this show has been stopped.

See Subscript's Week 1 map, "Mapping Transgender Rights" to learn which areas of our government have rules on transgender rights and how these areas relate to one another.