Legal Landscape: Women's Health Funding

We often hear about states wanting to cut funding from Planned Parenthood.  Most recently, Texas broke news for an attempt in late 2016.  Before leaving office, President Obama tried to ensure states could not do this.  He finalized an executive rule making illegal state attempts to defund a healthcare provider on a basis other than its ability to provide healthcare services.  

Enter the Trump administration and a Republican-controlled Congress.  Last week, the Senate joined the House in voting to overturn Obama’s rule.  

Subscript brings you this week’s publication on Women’s Health Funding because we want you to understand fully the legal elements that are involved.  First, why is Congress voting on repeal of an agency rule?  What federal funding is there for women’s health services?  What happens when a state ignores a federal rule?  This week’s map gives you these answers and more.

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