Legal Landscape: Federal Court Standing and Jurisdiction

In the last couple weeks, we’ve learned more about the Supreme Court nomination process that we ever cared to know before. The Republican-controlled Senate has just revised its rules to a long-standing voting procedure, so it could guarantee the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. The so-called Nuclear Option now applies to Supreme Court nominations. That means the Senate can end debate on the confirmation of a Supreme Court nominee with just a simple majority.

We bring you next week’s infographic early so that we can benefit from this unusual interest in one of the most confusing topics of law: the federal courts. This is one of the most abstract areas of law, but also one of the most important. In addition to learning about judicial appointments, this infographic tells you such things as: What types of cases are federal court cases? What qualifies a person to bring a lawsuit? Can you sue a state government?

Visit the infographic to learn about more than just the Nuclear Option. Learn how it relates to the entire federal court system.  And check out our Mapping Current Events page to see our other topics.