6 Supreme Court cases of this term that MLK would have cared about

Tribute - Civil Rights

Today the nation celebrates the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a leader in our nation's fight for equality from the mid-1950s until his assassination in 1968.

Dr. King stood for equality and respect for African Americans, the economically disadvantaged and other victims of injustice. 

The Supreme Court today faces cases under the headers of civil rights, voting rights and unlawful detention. We bring these to light, not to take sides, but in respect of those who are fighting for justice.

Civil Rights:

Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado

Whether Colorado's anti-discrimination law conflicts with the Constitution in requiring a cake-maker to make a custom wedding cake for a same-sex couple.


The Travel Ban Case

Whether President Trump's executive order stopping immigration from 6 countries discriminates against Muslims. 

Voting Rights:

Husted v. A. Phillip Randolph Institute

Whether Ohio's process for removing people from its voting rolls ends up kicking voters off the list illegally.

Gill v. Whitford

Gill v. Whitford

Whether the Republicans who controlled the legislative districting process in Wiscounsin unfairly distributed the voting share to ensure Republicans would win a majority of the seats.

Unlawful Detention


District of Columbia v. Wesby

Whether police officers are liable for making an arrest without probable cause - a false arrest. 


Jennings v. Rodriguez

Whether non-citizens that are awaiting deportation should be entitled to a bond hearing.