Graphs Series

Determining the size of the circle.

Contraception Mandate Graph.png

Subscript conducts several reports within a particular topic, like healthcare or immigration.

Each report includes the laws relevant to that report. Each law or rule within a report is ranked with either a 1 or a 3 level of importance. If the law/rule played an important role in the report, it gets a 3; if not, it gets a 1.

Court cases are ranked differently. Supreme Court cases always get 3s; Appeals Court cases get 2s; Trial Court cases get 1s.

Subscript aggregates the importance factors for each law in a legal topic area. When making a graph, a law’s circle size correlates to its legal topic importance factor.

For example, Subscript has done three reports on Healthcare. The ACA appeared as important (factor of 3) in each of them. The ACA circle on the Contraception Mandate graph has a size factor of 9 (the largest of the circles).

The more reports we do, the more accurate the importance factors will be and the more detailed the graphs!